404 “Healthy for the Holidays” 10 Day Cleanse

“Healthy for the Holidays” 10 Day Cleanse


We can’t believe it’s that time of year already- thinking about the holidays, time with family, and of course social gatherings, parties, and good food! We’ve put together a 10 Day clean eating program that will help keep you on track between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not about deprivation, but instead focus’s on boosting the health of your entire body to keep you energized, sleeping well, and that immune system nice and strong as we enter into the colder months. Not to mention, a little accountably with our food choices during the holidays never hurts!

We’ll be hosting an introduction class on the cleanse at Outer Peace Wellness Center in West Hartford where there will be “cleanse friendly” food samples and a fun and interactive seminar on detox.  Click on the links below for more details on the cleanse and to sign up:

Click Here for More Details on the Cleanse (time & location of intro class, cost, etc.) 

Click Here to Sign Up for the Cleanse

Click Here to Enter the 10 Day “Healthy for the Holidays” Client Portal

We look forward to meeting you soon. Please contact us at practicalnutritionct@gmail.com or call 860-605-3039 if you have any additional questions. Please keep in mind you can participate in the cleanse long distance during any dates you choose.  We are here to help you feel as good as you can!

As always, stay well, eat well, and have a beautiful week!

Ana and Amanda