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Ana Elisabeth Zeller, RD, CD-N – President & Founder

Ana Zeller, Founder of Practical Nutrition

A little bit of my background.
For those of you who know me, you’re familiar with the journey I have been on for the past six years of realizing the powerful role that real, nutrient dense food has in the ability to heal and restore the mind and body. Six years ago I spent a year and a half recovering from a snowboarding accident, which left me with a broken back and the possibility of never walking again. Through lots of prayer and love from family (and good food too!) I am able to sit up right and explain how my passion restoring health through proper nutrition began.

That brings me to where I am at today.
I am a Registered Dietitian/Certified Nutritionist and an alumnus of the University of Connecticut’s coordinated program of dietetics. I have completed a rigorous 1200-hour internship, which included practicing clinical nutrition in various health care facilities, including St. Francis Hospital, The Diabetes Care Center at St. Francis, Medical Nutrition Therapy Associates, and Hartford Hospital’s Jefferson House. In addition, I have pursued education in the realm of natural medicine and holistic nutrition, which has broadened my scope of practice to include a natural approach to overall health and wellness. A few of areas of health I address with my clients include Diabetes and weight management, sports nutrition, and holistic detoxification.

We all have a relationship with health.

Be it healthy, unhealthy, functional, or dysfunctional. Whatever it is, there is always room for improvement, creativity, breaking up the norm, and for change.

Confusion reigns in the arena of health care.
By using a variety of tools, resources, experiences, and philosophies I have gathered over the last 6 years, I hope to clear up any confusion you may have about “what’s good” for your health. I hope to help guide you on a journey of your own, and allow you to realize the potential you have to allow optimal health and wellness heal, restore, and naturally renew you and those around you. By providing you with and adding to your foundation of knowledge, my goal is to equip you to take over the journey of health on your own, and together learn how to make everyday healthy and positive choices. Practical Nutrition isn’t another fad that will quickly fade away…it’s a lifestyle change which happens organically as you are empowered by knowledge and transformed one healthy choice at a time.

Fruits and vegetables.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
University of Connecticut Coordinated Program of Dietetics
Restoration Health, Redding, California
Standard Process; Whole Food Supplements
Outer Peace Health and Wellness (West Hartford, CT)

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