404 On The Go All Day? Here’s How To Eat!

On The Go All Day? Here’s How To Eat!

Q: What suggestions do you have for being on the go all day, but still trying to lose weight and eat right?

A: Begin by getting in the mindset that since you can’t change your routine (work, school, kids, commutes, etc), you have to change the choices you make within your routine. If you have to dine out a lot, try ordering your food “naked” by asking for dressing, sauces, cheese, condiments, and extras on the side, or perhaps have the waiter pack half of your meal up before it comes to avoid over eating. If you’re a busy mom who is constantly attending your kid’s school or sports events which typically revolve around food, keep healthy snacks such as almonds and an apple or a Greek yogurt thrown into a cooler before your day starts so you can eat something before an event. Eating something healthy before the event eliminates making an undesirable food choice at that particular event. Eating for optimal health doesn’t have to consume all of your energy, or have to be an elaborate affair. It just requires taking time to look at your current routine and making it a priority to compliment it with healthy choices. In the world of health and nutrition, an ounce of preparation can shed a pound of fat!


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