404 Practical Nutrition “Clean Getaway” To Hawaii

Practical Nutrition “Clean Getaway” To Hawaii

Get On a Practical Nutrition “Clean Getaway”! 


I recently spent 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii. Ever since I spent a summer house sitting for a couple of friends there 4 years ago, it has become a second home to me. My trips over there are now called my “Clean Getaways”. My time away there sends me back to the mainland recharged from the inside out. The connection I have there with the local people, high quality food, land, and of course the ocean can best be described as “life giving”. The place I retreat to on my Clean Getaways  is a special town tucked away on the east coast of the island, outside the “city” of Hilo, called Pahoa. I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my trip,  and talk about some of the ways I was inspired towards a deeper level of overall wellness. Also, I wanted to inspire and encourage you to take time daily to refresh your mind, body and spirit…whether it’s a healthy meal you prepare for yourself or your family, an evening routine of shutting down electronics at a certain time to have “you time”, or a simple stretching routine in the morning, find a way to have a daily vacation that keeps you feeling energized and healthy, and living the life you deserve. Also, keep in mind that Practical Nutrition does offer “Clean Getaway” retreats for individuals and small groups to the Big Island of Hawaii. If you feel you need a concentrated time away to reestablish your daily habits, and get yourself into a healthy routine to help you meet and maintain your health goals a Clean Getaway would be something for you to consider. Contact us through the “Contact Us” form on the site to learn more about being part of a 2014 Clean Getaway Retreat!


Bananas, papayas, avocados, freshly harvested macadamia nuts, coconuts, organic kale, and fresh Ahi are just some of the foods we enjoyed daily! Eating food right off the land is the theme…every meal and snack was effortlessly balanced with complex carbs, healthy fat, and omega rich, lean protein. The combination of these foods left us feeling satisfied after we ate. The food is simple yet tasty, and offers our body life giving nutrients that fight inflammation, boost the immune system, promote muscle building, and speed up our metabolism. On the Clean Getaway Retreat, you learn what your bodies individual nutritional needs are, experience preparing these foods yourself, but also learn what foods you can eat when you return home to get the ongoing benefits of the Clean Getaway food plan! 


Most of these pictures were taken at Pohoiki Bay/Issac Hale Beach Park. This untouched, uncrowded spot has become a  “soul home”  for me for so many reasons. First off, the locals who surf and exercise here daily are some of the most fun, hilarious, and loving people to be around. Secondly, the water itself is heated by geothermal energy. This beach area is one of the closest to the volcano, and heat generated deep within the earth warms the groundwater creating the water that is pleasant to soak and surf in.  The combination of its warmth and high salinity makes soaking in this water extremely therapeutic for reducing painful inflammation of the joints.  You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy this beach park or outdoor activities! There’s a footpath around the shoreline that leads to a natural hot spring that’s just perfect to relax the joints and muscles. Warm salt water therapy is a daily part of our Clean Getaways. The hot pools are 1/4 mile from where we stay is a crucial part of the rejuvenation process.


Being in touch with all of our 5 senses is a key part of achieving optimal wellness. The Big Island is the perfect place to reset your mind and body  into a state of rest. The smells, sights, tastes, sounds, and feeling of nature in its untouched state brings on healing from the inside out. From the time you wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean to the time you fall asleep to the sound of the Kokee frogs in your cabin, being on this Clean Getaway retreat had me feeling more alive and energized on many levels by day 1. Feeling “alive”  is a balance of being energized from a place of rest. Learning how to take a step back and know what your body needs to feel its best is so important. This trip to the Big Island reminded me of the importance of being “present” in whatever situation I am in. Being present doesn’t mean ignoring the past or the future, but instead being mindful of how our current routine and habits may be affecting every area of our life.  If our daily habits and routine aren’t reevaluated, they may become detrimental to our health. Being guided through a therapeutic time  away from distractions is the best way to pick up a new set of health related habits which leads to reaching and maintaining our goals.

All in all, I hope this debrief from my trip encouraged you to enjoy the moment, be a conscious consumer of food, move your body, and rest when needed to feel your best. Let us know if you are interested in joining our Practical Nutrition Clean Getaway summer or winter 2014 to get you out of your rut and into a place of increased energy for life.

As always, stay well, eat well, and have a beautiful week!

Ana and Amanda


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