404 Nutrition: Back to the Basics

Nutrition: Back to the Basics

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The world of food and nutrition has become trendy, opinionated, confusing, and surely impractical at times. No matter how busy  you are or how “far off the wagon” you have fallen, taking the steps towards optimal health is simpilier than you think. They key is following a realistic plan which cuts through all of the “bells and whistles” of trendy nutriton, and getting back to basics. Anyone can follow a diet they find on the internet or at the book store, but sooner or later it’s inability to sustain your personal lifestyle, past medical history, and individual nutritional needs will  rise to the surface, creating discouragment, more stress, and ending up back at square one. The key to creating long lasting change is taking it from the ground up- getting back to basics.

Before you get bogged down by recipes and thinking about what you should eat, start backwards by “bulk” prepping the healthy foundation of your weekly meals. Rather than knowing exactly what you will be eating, it’s more practical to be prepared with the healthy basics of your meal such as protein, veggies, and whole grains. Once you have the basics prepped, creating the meal is so easy and quick. Food prep is much more important than a perfect meal plan. No matter how busy you are, prepping a few simple foods in advance will ensure a healthy week and help you meet your goals. Click on the following links for a few simple tips to get you started:

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Small changes can have a huge impact on overall health. For example, if you choose to drink only water during the week and save one or two “specialty” drinks or cocktails for the weekend, you will probably sleep better, experience more steady blood sugar (better mood), have more energy and be more productive at work. Another example would be dedicating 2 hours a week to prep some food and organize your kitchen. Investing time up front saves time and stress in the future, and always results in healthier choices!.