404 The Hidden Health Secrets Of Hemp Seeds!

The Hidden Health Secrets Of Hemp Seeds!

Discovering hemp seeds was a game changer for me. If you’re looking for a plant based protein, hemp has it all. On top of containing all of the amino acids our body needs (making it a “complete protein”), they have a perfect ratio of omega 3:omega 6 fat’s which keeps inflammation down in the body and helps our brain, heart, mood, and joints.

Its always good to remember that hemp is different from marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana come from the mother plant Cannabis Sativa. The main difference between the two is that hemp does not contain the active chemical “THC” which causes the effects of marijuana use. This is why consuming hemp seeds or any other hemp products will not affect any type of drug test.

The unique nutritional profile and diverse flavor potential hemp contains makes it something that I always have in my cabinet. The video below should help you understand a bit more about this super food and offer some practical tips on how to use it!

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