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"My name is Laura and I'm an active 47 year old mom. Amanda guided me through the 10 day cleanse to help teach and show me how to take care of my inner body. It was amazing with the lack of energy I had for the first couple of days along with the caffeine withdrawal headache. But by the 3rd day I was feeling clean, headache gone and was on a daily routine of great food and my supplements. My energy was up and I headed to my crossfit routine along with my running. It's necessary to plan and prepare your foods the day before the cleanse so your not scrambling to put food together. I really enjoyed doing the cleanse it showed me how certain foods work in your body and I feel amazing. I did this to prepare my self for a surgical procedure and I am still eating clean and I have given up caffeine and love the energy that I have. Thank you Amanda for all the great emails every day they were so encouraging!!!!!"

Laura, 47
Windsor, CT

"In October, 2011, I ran the Hartford Marathon, my 24th....it was the worst marathon experience of my life....I was 45, overweight, out of shape, not ready for the race, and barely made it across the finish line.

A few weeks later, while on vacation in Punta Cana, I got on a scale and weighed an unimaginable 250 pounds. How did this happen? How did I let this happen to my body? I had run a personal best 3:55 marathon several years back, what happened to me?

I started working with Ana Zeller and Tyler English in December. Ana is amazing. She taught me everything that I was doing wrong about diet and nutrition, which was, pretty much everything. I started meeting with her during the Fitness Challenge groups sessions. It was there that my current lifestyle transformation began. With her help, I started eating completely clean, gone was the morning bagel and cream cheese, replaced with a protein shake, and a bowl of organic oats, fruit, and organic milk. Little changes like these make a huge difference.

I learned which supplements were right, and which were wrong, I eliminated soda, bread, and anything else from my diet that I found to be "toxic"......one of the harder things to eliminate was Gatorade, but now I make my own!

In August, 2012, I made another "bold decision", the 21 Day Liver Detox and Cleanse. I already had one major advantage when I started, I don't drink coffee, soda, alcohol is rare, or smoke , and I already eat organic, so the adjustments I had to make were minor, but the results were overwhelming, and it was totally worth all of the hard work. The weekends were the hardest, when I was home around family, and temptations were the strongest, but with the program, you get all of the supplements you need to take, and Ana is there every step of the way. Worst day: Day 20 of 21....a spontaneous trip up to Gillette Stadium to see Bruce Springsteen.....I was the only person at the tailgate eating organic chicken and spinach, and not drinking.

Where am I now? As of September 15, 2012, I weigh 223 pounds, down 27 from the beginning of the year, I am wearing size 36 pants, down from a 40, all of my clothes are too big, the gut is gone, and I am actually seeing ab muscles for the first time in several years. I practice bikraim yoga, bootcamp, teach Body Pump classes, and am entered into the marathon again in October, the goal: erase what happened last year from my memory forever. I need to do this to justify the marathon tattoo I got on my leg this year!

Post cleanse, I pretty much stayed with what I was eating while I was on it, instead of a program, it became my way of life."

Tom, 46
Enfield, CT

"My name is Bruce, and I am happy to say that I am overweight. Why am I happy about that? I am happy because before consulting with Ana I was obese. Interestingly, this happened without going on a "diet". Suffering from too much well-intentioned advice from friends and the media, I knew I needed help, but I didn't know what was right for me.

I met and interviewed with Ana, discussing my life and medical history. I knew I needed to lose weight, but that wasn't my primary objective. I simply wanted nutritional help. Based on this Ana created and prescribed a nutritional plan customized for me. By my choice, most of our follow-up and adjustments have been via email. I am very happy with my new food choices and have had zero cravings for junk food.

For those of you interested in results, I have been following this advice for six months. I am now nine years lighter, 45 lbs. My cholesterol medication has been cut 75% and my blood pressure medication has been cut 50%.

One word of advice, be prepared to buy smaller clothes."

Bruce, 56
Glastonbury, CT

"Working with Ana has opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating to live! Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer two years ago has offered more than a few struggles in my life. Weight loss has one of them. While most people loose during their treatments, I was not as fortunate. Then I met Ana. Teaching me to fuel my body correctly, the importance of the right foods for not only for nutrition but as medicine.   Ana has stressed the importance of eating correctly for healing. She has gotten me to drink daily shakes made from Kale...sometimes twice a day! Nothing I would have considered prior. I feel healthy, stronger and fitter.
While, I may not be at my goal weight yet, with Ana by my side, I'll get there. It is a process and while I am on this journey, I am also being healed from the inside out.
Thank you!"

Julie, 40
Avon, CT

"My husband and I recently did the 21-day cleanse with Ana. We felt like our bodies were tired and out of balance and we needed to detoxify. Ana was well-organized and informative, not only with regard to the process but also with regard to the supplements and shakes that form the foundation for the cleanse. There was no guessing or confusion involved; it was a simple matter to follow her program and we started the process with ample knowledge of what we were taking and why. Equally important, her approach was positive and encouraging and she made us feel good about what we were doing for ourselves, so much so that we did not feel the dread that so often accompanies a program like this. After three weeks on the cleanse, I felt great. All of the gastro-intestinal symptoms that I had been experiencing for months completely disappeared! My body was functioning at its optimal best. My brain power improved. And though it was not my focus, I also lost about 7-8 pounds. Thanks Ana for all your help and encouragement! My liver thanks you too! :)"

Kristin, 46
Avon, Connecticut

“I just completed the 21 day purification program with Ana’s oversight and I feel great. Going into the program I was off track with my nutrition and as a result just felt lousy. Ana provided a step by step process, the required products, help, encouragement and above all…education. She is a wealth of information, provides many web based resources for your continued education and exposure to foods I normally would not have tried. The program is an effective way to reset your body chemistry and get your nutrition back in line.”

Matt, 46
Avon, Connecticut

"Working with Ana has completely transformed the way at look at food and my overall wellness. Her positivity is absolutely contagious, and gives you the encouragement and drive you need to improve and get better every day!"

Shaela, 26
Avon CT

"I started working with Ana in January 2012 after having been a member at Tyler English Fitness since November 2011. I decided to work with Ana because I was working hard at the gym but not seeing the results I wanted. Five months later I have dropped almost 30 pounds and I could not be happier!!
One of the things Ana did to really get me started on the right path was that she went to the grocery store with me one weekend. She was able to see what I was buying and also make suggestions on new foods and options that may work better for me. It was definitely a great help! After the shopping trip we sat down and discussed macro nutrient numbers (not going to lie this part stressed me out to no end!) that I should follow with each meal. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around trying to add up numbers every time I sat down to eat! All I was thinking was “I’m way too busy for this!” But after talking we were able to determine that my problem wasn’t so much the food I was buying but the portions and times I was eating. She gave me ideas for meals that fit into my macros so when I went home that night and prepared my food for the week I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!
In these last few months my view on food and food preparation has completely changed. I am a single mother and at times do not get home until 5:30/6pm which doesn’t seem all that late until you factor in my bouncing fun loving 4 yr old that is hungry and me who really just wants to relax. Believe me cooking was not on my list of relaxing activities! I would get home and make whatever was both easy and fast and to be honest that combination doesn’t always equate to healthy. So after talking with Ana I decided to take her advice and started to cook for the week on Sunday evenings. I plan out meals and then cook all my protein and grains for the week. I usually cook veggies for at least a few meals and then cut up some more so that I can roast them later in the week or add them in some other way. It makes the rest of my week so much easier. Now when I get home at 5:30pm all I have to do is pop an already prepared meal in the oven and go play with my daughter while it warms up! Cooking dinner is thankfully no longer a chore for me.
Overall I have such a better understanding about food and how to keep my body nourished. My health has improved (I actually just realized recently that I haven’t been sick in months! Which is amazing considering I am prone to sinus infections like it’s my job!). My energy level has increased as well. I have more energy to power through my workouts without feeling drained half way in. I am eating to live not living to eat and I feel amazing!!"

Crystal Rose, 27
Burlington, CT

"The 21 day purification program was a great time bound way for us to cut those items in our diet out that we questioned their impact on our daily energy and health results.  After a couple days of feeling  a bit sluggish and missing coffee, we didn’t really miss any of the items we needed to cut (coffee, dairy, wheat, alcohol and sugar).  I was really pretty surprised how easy it was.  Ana provided some great recipes or very good healthy meals so we never felt deprived.  Another positive outcome was that our kids ate less of those foods so while not significantly overweight they lost weight just following the diet and gained an appreciation for how eating makes a difference.
What’s easy about the program – you can eat a lot of great food, you have a lot of energy (after the first couple days) and you generally feel better.  And food tastes better.  What’s hard – the food planning and prep is just short of a full time job especially the first week or so as you adjust – it is a commitment.  However, there are many changes we have carried over and made part of our routine."

Amy, 47
Canton, CT

"Ana has been terrific in this process, which is entirely new to me. She has been so informative, helpful, enthusiastic and patient. Ana works with you to incorporate your personal tastes and lifestyle into your nutritional plan. She is quick to respond to any questions you might have. She is terrific!"

Theresa, 49
Farmington, Connecticut

"I have struggled with weight loss at different points in my life and I sought the help of Ana after not only feeling overweight, but also feeling tired, weak, unmotivated, and generally unwell. Ana suggested the 21 day purification program for me prior to starting a lifelong nutrition program. Personally, and as a health care professional, I am a firm believer in healthy, whole, balanced nutrition as a way to reach my goals, no fad diets, that is. I could not do it myself this time. I promised Ana and myself 100% compliance, after all it was only 21 days. I was pleasantly surprised that the program was not only very manageable for my lifestyle, but immediately gratifying! I had many questions to begin and I had the support of Ana to answer these questions. The first week, in retrospect, was difficult in the sense that I was not hungry at all, had no cravings, and just ate what I had to, because I had to eat. This is well described at the start of the program. The subsequent 2 weeks were smooth sailing, and I found myself hungrier, but did not have the urge to "cheat." The beauty of this program is that I lost 8-10 pounds in that 3 weeks, but more than that, I felt better and better every day. Physically, I was getting stronger, more energized, and motivated. Mentally, I felt happier, and was more relaxed. The resultant weight loss was what kept me extremely motivated.
The things I particularly like about the program include the frequency of the meals and snacks, the afternoon shake at a difficult time of day, and the constant communication with Ana for questions and "tips" that make it easier to attain my goal. The program has also encouraged me to continue a healthier lifestyle and I am still reaping the rewards 4 weeks after I finished the program! I would highly recommend this program for anyone, at any age, at any time."

Lisa, 46
Avon, CT

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