404 Daily Goal Tracker

Daily Goal Tracker

Use the chart below to calculate your points for the day.
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Nutrition Challenge Point Breakdown
Base Goals Point Value
2 Servings Fruit 1
4 Servings Vegetables 2
3 Meals and 2 Snacks 1
½ Body Weight in Oz. H20 1
7 Hours Sleep 2
Keep a Food Journal 1
No Sugary Treats/Refined Sugar 2
30 min exercise 2
Extra Goals Point Value
Up to 10 Hours Sleep .5 pt/hr
Extra Servings of Vegetables (up to 4) .5/serving
Extra Servings Fruit (up to 2) .5/serving
Stop Eating 3 Hours Before Bed 1
Submission of Daily Meal Tracker 1
Submission of Daily Goal Tracker 1